Senior Project

70% Projects: You will have a multimedia project due every month. Here is the rundown for the month:

Week 1: Planning
Week 2: Shooting
Week 3: Editing
Week 4: Fixing and publishing

In addition to this once a month project, each student is responsible for creating one 30 sec-2 minute broadcast segment. This can be a PSA, Advertisement, student of the week, movie review, game review or tip, technology review, game recap, school event, photo slideshow, or whatever you would like to do.

20% Involvement: We are an academy. We DO multimedia. You should expect to be involved in the media work that we do. There are plenty of opportunities to become involved. Here are a few:
Broadcasting – get involved in a school broadcast or create your own show.
Podcasting – get involved with a school podcast or create your own.
Filmmaking – Films are being made in SLAM all the time. Find a film being made and join the crew! Be an actor in a film. Every film needs good actors. Create your own film.
Music – create and record music to be used in films, podcasts, broadcasts, etc.
Graphics – the world runs on graphics. Create great graphics for yourself and others.
Photography – take pictures of school events, go out on photoshoots on the weekend, take pictures of your friends, take pictures at family events. Be a photographer!

10% Certification: This is a new one in SLAM. You will have the opportunity to become certified in everything from DSLR camera operation, live production, graphics creation, audio recording, podcast video and audio production, broadcasting studio camera operation, broadcast switching, directing, acting, lighting, teleprompter, etc. There are so many things that go into creating multimedia projects that the list seems endless. We are working on the certification criteria and tests right now. You will need to complete at least one certification per month.

Extra for doing extra: You will always get extra credit for doing extra. You will see it in the grade book. Some of you will have 120% and above in the class due to everything extra you do. Whatever you do, post about it on your website or somehow let me know you did it and I’ll be glad to give you extra. SLAM leadership, helpers at picnics and field trips, even Play actors and crew get extra.

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