The 2019 SLAMMYS

Individual/Tech AwardsThe Individual/Tech awards are for honoring students who have shown individual initiative and specific media production skills.

March Madness Photo Competition Winner: Gotta Be Above It by Jordan Soares.

The award for Best Sound Editing: Bad AS(MR) by Maxwell Saponara.

The award for Best Video Editing and PSA: A Look into Date Rape by Candace Yeung.

The award for Best Acting: Abel Lopez and Tessa Mok in A Look into Date Rape

The award for Best Cinematography and Experimental: Awareness by Candace Young and Whitney Pham

Award for Best Animation: Sarah Bravo for Loss.

Award for Best Broadcast Media: Siobhan Moher and Gordon Stanley for As Kneaded Bakery Opening.

Joel Ramirez Award for Best Comedy and Best Effects: Mole People by Thomas deBourbon, Aiden Olivier, and Paul Sweet.

Award for Best Digital Portfolio: Gavin Harrington’s Digital Portfolio.

Dawn Valadez Award for Best Documentary: Local Music by Jedd Padua and Lucas Canon.

Award for Social Studies Media Project: Last Shot by Marian Lopez, Anais Castro, Tatiana Castro.

Award for Best Graphic: Serene by Camila Benites.

Best Photography by a Sophomore: Peak Capitalism by Michael Perez.

Best Photography by a Junior: Abyss by Catherine Lazatin.

Best Photography by a Senior: Desolation by Jordan Soares.

Award for Best Presentation: Stone Soup by Gordon Stanley

Award for Best Slideshow: SLAM Picnic by Marian Lopez and Alondra Flores.

Award for Best Media in Service of SLAM or Others: 1st SLAMESTER by Marian Lopez.

Award for Best English Media Project: Simulation by Josephine Yuen.

The Evan Goldberg Award for Service Project: SLED S.T.E.A.M. by
Michelle Tolentino, Gabriel Riley, and Matthew Badie.

Award for Best Music Video: I Do Adore by Marian Lopez, Miranda Calacsan, and Michaela Dunaway.

Award for Best Narrative Video: Project Y.O.U by Marian Lopez, Miranda Calacsan, and Michaela Dunaway.

Michaela Dunaway

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