Photoshop Eraser Tool

1. Find a background of a place you want to put yourself.
2. Take a picture of yourself with Photobooth, a camera, or find a picture of yourself online.
3. Find Adobe Photoshop CC in your Applications folder and drag it to your Dock.  Be sure you drag the .app not the Adobe Photoshop folder. Also, don’t drag Photoshop CS5 or 2015 as those are older versions.
4. Drag your image to the Ps icon (sometimes you have to drag the image to the desktop and then to Ps).

5. Go to the layers pallet and double-click your layer so the eraser will erase to transparent.  Name the layer.
If you don’t see the layers pallet, go to the Workspace button at the top right of the screen and make it say Photography.

You should see checkerboards when you erase.  If you don’t, you didn’t double-click the layer.

6. Click the eraser in the toolbar. 

7.Erase around yourself using the [ and ] keys to make your eraser smaller and bigger.  Set the feather to soft around your hair and harder around your clothes.

8. Once you have cut yourself out, drag your background to photoshop.
You will now see two different tabs at the top of your image. Drag the layer with you on it to the tab of the background image and then drop yourself onto the background.

Reorder your layers so the background is under the layer with you on it.
9. To resize yourself, select the layer you are on and click Command-t.  Hold down the shift key to resize without stretching yourself.  Once you are done with resizing, press the return key to enter the transformation.
10. Image > Adjustments > Match Color.

Be sure to set the image source to be the image you are working on and the layer to be your background layer or Merged.  Then adjust Luminance, Color Intensity, and Fade until you blend into the background well. Sometimes you have to play with this until it looks right.

12. File> Save As and create a folder in your documents folder called Photoshop. Then, name your document afarley_eraser_001.psd  but use your initial and last name and save it into your Photoshop folder.

13. Unclick “Maximize Compatibility” when the following dialog box comes up and check “Don’t show again” so this annoying dialog never pops up again.

14.  File> Save As again and this time save your file as a .jpeg by changing the Format from Photoshop to Jpeg.

15. The JPEG Options are valuable if you need to make your file a certain size but for now just click OK.

12. Post your jpeg to the Eraser Tool topic on the Forum.

13. Tomorrow you will create a new blog page on your website called Photoshop and post this image as your first shot on this page. Be sure to also write about your project, what you learned, and how you feel about it.

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