Photoshop Clone Stamp

1. Drag this image to Photoshop.

2. Create a new layer with Layer > New Layer.

3. Click where it says “Sample” at the top and select “All Layers.” Then make sure you have the layer that you want to clone to selected. Otherwise you will just clone to the same layer as the thing you are cloning.

2. Find the clone stamp tool.

3. Hold Option down and click the thing to be cloned. Then paint it somewhere else.
Use the same shortcut keys [ and ] to resize the brush. And most of the time, a soft brush works best.

Since the cloned object is on its own layer, you can move it around resize it, and erase around it to clean up your edges.
Can you spot all the things I cloned in this image?

4. Post this to the clone stamp forum and to your photoshop page.

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