New Podcasting Studio

by Mr. Farley

My Summer project was to completely revamp the podcasting studio. I started with a table that I found in the neighborhood with a free sign on it. I was looking for a table and asking anyone if they knew anyone with one to donate and there it was the next day.

The old studio was ok. But we needed more to do some of the shows we want to do.

After that I put up some fake brick panels over the white walls of the studio. I also took down that blue carpet and rubber squares.

Finally, I put the sound foam back up and remounted the lights and cameras to new positions. We can now record four people talking around the table with a mic for each person and three cameras on the conversation. Look for great shows coming out of the studio.

We will be naming the studio the Joel Ramirez Podcasting Studio in memory of Joel Ramirez, who was a SLAM Alumni shot and killed in his driveway. We hope the discussions in this studio can help build a more just and peaceful world with a little more laughter and less violence like like the life Joel lived.

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