Magnetic Lasso, Quickmask, and Command-J

Quick keys used a lot today:

B for Brush
E for Eraser
Spacebar to move around.
Q for Quickmask or to get out of quickmask.
Command – J to load a selection into a new layer.

Here are some more ways to create selections in Photoshop.
Magnetic Lasso
This tool is best used on things with hard edges, as what it does is look for edges and “magnetically” follows them.The Magnetic Lasso can be found by holding down on the Lasso button.
Drag the Magnetic Lasso along an object and the selection will “magnetically” attach to the edges.
If you meet back up where you started you will create a closed selection. Remember to invert it if it surrounds what you want to keep. You can also refine the selection by clicking on Select and Mask.
Here is a good video showing how to use the Magnetic Lasso tool

YouTube Video

Quickmask is a great way to fix up a selection (using any of the tools we have learned)

Quick mask puts a red color over the “masked” part of the image. This is the part that will be left alone. Use the paintbrush to add to the mask and the eraser to subtract. Once you have your mask perfected, click the Quick Mask button again to get back to the selection.
Use the tools described above to create a selection of the camera.  Select the camera strap for extra credit.

Command-J is the coolest command. It loads the selection to a new layer. When you have your selection, Command-J it. You will then see a new layer on top of the background layer that has the camera on it.

Filters and the Filter Gallery
Click back on the background layer and add a filter to it. You can find the filters under the filter menu. I chose Filter > Blur > Directional Blur and adjusted it so it blurred the image at an angle.

Use a filter of your choice, play around and find one your like by using the Filter Gallery.


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