Getting Started with Final Cut Pro

1. Find Final Cut Pro in your Application folder and launch it.

2. Start FCP and File > New > Event.
An event is a container for all your projects (timelines), videos, sound, and images for a video you are creating. The word “event” is confusing. It should be called a project.
A project is all your videos, sound, and images edited together into the timeline. It should be called your timeline or something like that.When you create your event, select the little box that says “Create Project” and you won’t have to do that also.
If you didn’t check the box, File > New > Project and name the project. Usually you will name this project whatever the name of the film is or the name of the project you are creating. This is also the title that is sent to Youtube when you upload to Youtube, so it’s important. Don’t be an untitled dummy.

3. You now should have an untitled project in your media panel. Never have an untitled project! Title it.

Importing from a camera

To import from a camera, plug the camera in with the mini-usb cord. Then press the Play button on the side of the camera. You may be asked if you want to connect to a computer, say yes. to 
Use File > Import > Media to import your video into FCP.

Terrible picture. Sorry.

4. Play with the buttons at the bottom of the media panel to see how things change.  Do this often to all buttons you see to learn the program better.

The rest of this is for doing the Sound Story assignment:
5. You will need your sound story .mp3 or .aif and as many images as you can find that go along with your story. Use Google to find the images, but be sure to search for images that are allowable for reuse by clicking the search tools, going to Usage Rights, and selecting Labeled for reuse.

6. File > Import > Media or drag them straight from your desktop.

7. Drag your Sound Story to the timeline and press OK when it tells you your song does not fit the size of an HD movie.

Important: Final Cut always looks at the first clip and if it’s not HD, it will ask you if you want to change the whole project to fit the clip. So if you drag a picture to the timeline that is 3000 x 2000 you movie whole movie will be at that resolution. Don’t do this, set it to HD 1920×1080 or less.

8. Drag your images on top of the sound file and arrange them into a story that fits what’s happening with the soundtrack. You can drag the edges of the clips to change their duration and drag them around to place them.

9. No need to save your work. Final Cut saves it for you and hides it somewhere you can’t control (yet). We will do more to your story next time so just quit Final Cut when you are done making the images fit the soundtrack.

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