Getting Shots off the Tricaster

Video recorded on the Tricaster is put into a folder called Show Captures Here. If the settings are off in the project, it may be in the Clips folder.

On any mac, use Go > Connect to server and click the Browse button.

Find tricaster-9de92 in the list and click on the Connect As… button.

Use the name TriCaster with password: broadcasting to login to the TriCaster. Click Remember this password if you don’t want to do this step again! Duh!

Go to Show Captures Here and find your video. If you can’t find your video, the Tricaster session was not created correctly. It’s ok, your stuff is still there, you just have to go find it in the Clips folder.

Drag the video to your mac desktop or into a folder on your computer. Do not drag them straight into Final Cut! When you disconnect from the server Final Cut will not be able to access them! Duh!

If the clip does not work, this is how you fix it:

Command-i or rt. click the files and Get Info. Then, set the permissions for everyone to Read and Write.

If it still doesn’t work, you probably found your footage in the Clips folder. Videos in this folder need to be converted to a format Final Cut accepts. Right now Mr. Farley will have to do it.

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