We have looked at line

And Shape

Now we will concentrate on Form

What’s the difference between shape and form in a 2D image?

With form we are looking at the volume of surfaces and using the way that light falls across those surfaces to create interest in our photos.

Choosing a subject is the first step of creating a strong form photo. Flat surfaces are not going to yield a photo that uses form to create interest. However, contrasting flat and curves can. As long as your point of interest is using form you can include many flat surfaces.

How your photo is lit also plays a big part in how strongly the form reads. Lighting from the side will create more apparent form than high, front facing, or back lighting.

Shiny reflective surfaces will also help your photo to read with more form because the reflections will wrap around your object emphasizing the form.

Even on a very beat up “Shiny” surface, the shine will help your form be stronger and the nicks and scratches will add to your narrative.

Lines that run along the surface will help to emphasize the form.
Here the webbing of the hose creates lines that wrap around the hose to make the roundness of the hose more pronounced.

Also texture can help to emphasize the form.

Light will be the most important part of having a successful assignment this week. No light, no form.

But as always use the elements to tell your own story and help you viewer to know just what you want them to feel and understand.

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