Apparate and Reapparate

  1. Film your shot. Remember to shoot it all in one shot with no camera movement.
  2. Import into Final Cut.
  3. Right Click on the clip in Final Cut and choose Reveal in Finder. This takes you to the place on your computer where the clip is.

4. Right click on the clip and select copy.

Click on your desktop once and the right click and select Paste to paste the file on your desktop. (Dragging the file out of the folder would make Final Cut loose track of it. That’s why you copy and pasted it.)

Important: Create a new folder for this project called Apparate and put the video in it. Don’t forget this or bad things will happen later.

Start After Effects, Click the New Composition from Footage button and find the file or create a new project and drag the file to the Project window and then down to the timeline. Both do the same thing.

Fit your footage to the screen if you can’t see it all.

Move the time marker to isolate your clean shot and then Edit > Split Layer or Shift-Command-D.

Move the time marker to after you move to where you want to appear and then split the layer there. Delete the layer you don’t need.

Right click the layer with your clean shot and select Time > Time Stretch to make it last longer. I did it 500%.

Continue splitting layers and editing out the stuff you don’t want to make it look like you are disappearing and reappearing elsewhere.

Save your project into the folder you created earlier. It’s dangerous to save things to your desktop with AE. Next we will add some flashes, smoke, and other effects to make it better.

Adding Flashes and Smoke.

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