Creating A Movie Poster or Youtube Thumbnail.

Grab a screenshot from your show or a picture that you took during production.
Use Command-Shift-4 to take a screenshot in Final Cut Pro. Be sure you are watching the show at 1920×1080 or Full Screen (which is actually bigger than HD and sometimes causes blurring so be careful)
Go to use:


Psswd: slamstudent

Search for “Movie Poster” to find all the movie poster templates.

Pick one that has the feel of your show. Remember to only choose from the free templates.

For the TV Screens around school or the screens in the Studio, Your poster needs to be 1920×1080 Horizontally oriented. In Canva this is called “presentation.” Choose presentation for the size or click the Resize button, then the Copy and Resize button.

If you are not making something for the screens, or for Youtube, keep it like it is, in portrait orientation.
You may need to alter the color of your text, resize it, or even put a shape behind it with a little transparency if your text is not readable.

Start over with a different template or change the picture you use if it’s not working (like mine above).

Download your poster by pressing the down arrow button shown below and put it on your website where you put your project.

Name it correctly with your name in the title.

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