2020 Issue Documentary Project

This will be your final in Tobin or Ocon’s class.

You will create a discussion documentary about an issue voters and politicians should be concerned with in 2020.

This is for groups of 2-5.

You can go outside the structure below but talk to Mr. Farley about it first.

  1. Create a short intro with a voiceover introducing the issue and why it’s important. 
  2. Film a discussion among your peers about the issue.
  3. Conclude with a voiceover and video reviewing the issue and stating things people can do to make the situation better. 

Step 1.Discussion: Plan your discussion first. This can be filmed in the podcasting studio, the broadcasting studio, or you can film it on your own but do it in a nice quiet place so you get good sound, and light it well.

Make a copy of this discussion document to plan your discussion.

Determine who will lead the discussion as the host and who will participate. Each participant should be knowledgeable about the subject and what they will be discussing. You should not write a script for the discussion but you will need to determine the questions you will ask and each person in the discussion should write out answers to the questions that show they know what they are talking about. No winging it.

Intro: Film shots that illustrate the issue. Use CSPAN or news footage if you can find it but only if it’s relevant.

Conclusion: No Hotlines allowed. Come up with real steps that anyone can take.

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